Oman Air Flight to Philippines Only 203 OMR (Round-trip)

Oman Air flight to Philippines has been known to be one of the most expensive flights for OFW’s in Oman. Normally, a round-trip flight to Manila ranges from 325 to 370 OMR if you book months ahead. But if you book on last minute, usually it costs 400 -500 OMR. That’s obviously very expensive.

Oman Air flight to Philippines 67The good thing when flying with Oman Air is that, it saves a lot of time since it has a direct flight from Muscat to Manila. For many OFW’s going home for vacation, flying with OmanAir is the best option, with a shortest time of travel compared to other airlines. But for many OFW’s who want to save money, it might not be the case.

In this article, I’m going to share one proven strategy how to avail cheapest Oman Air flight to Philippines. This is to erase in someone’s mind the myth that Oman Air is really an expensive airline.

If you are an OFW who wants to go home on July, or anyone from Oman who wants to visit Philippines, this article is for you. Though, it works really well, there are some exceptions. So just find out if it works for you or not.


Disclaimer: All flight prices or figures shown below only happen during the time of search and it may change anytime in the future. Changes may also affect the validity of this article. For that matter, search and book your own flight anywhere or in this website at your own risk.

Time has come again for vacation. Summer is now fast approaching. Have you booked your flight to Philippines? If not, I have uncovered one perfect strategy how to find cheapest flight via Oman Air to Manila. Are you interested? Keep reading…

How much is the cheapest? If their regular flight price ranges from 350 to 500 OMR, using this strategy, you can have Oman Air flight to Manila for only 203 OMR. Wow! That’s cheap!

For OFW’s, that is only equivalent to P25, 172.75, if 1 OMR is equal to 123.00 pesos (current exchange rate upon writing this article). That is very cheap compared to their usual prices mentioned above. The good thing here is, even not with Oman Air, you can still avail cheapest flights to Philippines. So if you are from Oman and about to travel to Philippines for vacation, why not try this strategy?

Before I’m going to tell you the how part, we have to understand something. Airlines are just doing their serious business like any other types of businesses out there. Obviously, their profit or income comes from their clients or travelers they served. The more travelers they served, the more money they get. The less traveler they served, the less money they could generate. What’s the catch?  Competition!

One of the factors that affects flight price is competition. In one country or city, if more airlines are serving into one destination, seats are sold by the airlines at low price. It means, travelers have a lot of options to fly. Normally, if the flying experience and time of travel are almost the same, passengers look into something which they can benefit from. To save some money! So, the airline that has cheapest offer wins.

Just like any traditional business, if you have a lot of competitors in one area, chances are, the one with good products and services at affordable price (lower than the rest) gets more clients. This is no different from selling flight seats done by airline companies.  The idea is, the higher the competition, the lower they give the price within the tolerable limit.

With this in mind, we have to understand the opposite. If in one country or city, there is only one airline serving into bunch of destinations, chances are, flight price monopoly happens. It means, since there is no competition, one airline can control the flight price to maximize their revenue. That makes a travel expensive like what Oman air has done in Oman.  Now you probably get the idea. But wait! It is not yet over.

When talking about flight to Philippines from Oman, most of the returning OFW’s book a flight with stopover into neighboring countries like Abu Dhabi via Etihad, Dubai via Emirates, Qatar via Qatar Airways and Bahrain via Gulf Air. Most of the time, according to Jetradar above, Kuwait Airways has  appeared many times  on the first page of the search result. It means, it offers cheap flights often.

If you book these kinds of flights, from Muscat International Airport, you will be flying into those countries in less than two hours. From there, after hours of waiting in the airport, you will finally fly to Manila. Usually, these types of flights require enough time. Sometimes, it takes 23 hours before you reach Manila. If you are in a hurry, these are not the best options.

One of the longest stopovers I  have tried is 8 hours in Abu Dhabi. You will experience this if you book a flight via Etihad. But if you can avail on Oman Air flights to Philippines, you will only spend 8-9 hours above the clouds. That’s what many OFW’s  from Oman want obviously.

How to find cheapest Oman Air flight to Philippines?

To answer this question, let me tell you a real story. This happens just days ago when one OFW from Oman searches a flight to Philippines in this website. As he does the search, Jetradar shows Kuwait Airways  at $723 as the cheapest for his travel on July 1, 2016 (departure) and August 27 (return). That is 278.25 OMR and P34,469 in Philippine money.

Oman air conversationAs he complained via chat that it’s too expensive and he does not want to spend time flying to Kuwait, I suggested one thing. What I said is certainly based on the idea that I shared above. Why not try to search for a flight from cities where there are bunch of competing airlines. Unlike in Oman, Oman Air alone is the airline that has direct flight to Philippines, the reason why it’s too expensive.

With that idea, I suggested to search a flight from Dubai to Manila. Dubai International Airport is the center of almost all connecting flights for travelers going to UK, USA, Canada, Europe and Southeast Asia. Obviously, there are great numbers of airlines as well as passengers flying into one particular destination like Philippines.

When he does the search again in this website, flights that occupy the first page of the search result (the cheapest) shown by Jetradar are via Oman Air. That was amazingly cheap at $528.00 round-trip flight from Dubai to Manila, but with stopover in Muscat for 1-3 hours.

Is this an ideal flight for OFW from Oman? Whew! It’s a kind of ridiculous travel, but it is really cheap. When I checked it, there it is.


Oman air flight to manila

If you are in places in Oman near UAE, you could avail flight via Oman Air to Manila on July 1 and return on August 27, 2016. You can just cross the border and pay for entry visa to UAE. Or you can take a short flight to Dubai via Fly Dubai and other airlines from Muscat.

Think of how much you can save if it’s really worth it. Let’s find out how much is the flight from Muscat to Dubai on July 1, if in case you travel by plane. As per Jetradar flight search engine above, a flight to Dubai at 1:50 am is only $96.00, which is equal to 36.950 OMR and P4,576.86.


Oman air fly dubai

Let’s do the Math:

MCT-DXB: 36.950 OMR – via Flydubai
DXB-MLA: 203.000 OMR- via Oman Air
Total: 239.950 OMR

That is equal to P29,607.6 based on the current rate upon writing this article.

Now let us find out if it is really the best option for anyone who wants to travel to Philippines on July 1. Let us check other airlines serving from Oman to Manila via connecting flight. Here’s what I’ve got. The cheapest flight Jetradar suggests is one with stopover to Ethiopia at $688 or 264.78 OMR.


Oman air flight dubai manila

But no one is crazy! No one will grab that flight I’m sure. No foolish human being who wants to travel to Philippines and spend time on waiting  for connecting flight  in  even more far countries.  Jetradar does not care  about location. It will show you the cheapest even if it is the most ridiculous and non-sense flight. The next is Kuwait airways at $723, with 6hrs stopover in Kuwait. It was followed by Philippine Airlines, via Fly-Dubai at $731 or 281.33 OMR. The rest are obviously higher than what has shown above.


Let us check Etihad in their website


Oman air etihad
I usually  don’t mind of spending time on checking on airline’s website, because Jetradar above has already done that  accurately. All flights according to the details you have entered will be filtered by Jetradar and bring you the cheapest. If one airline is not shown on the search result, it means, during the time of search, there are much cheaper flights from other airlines.

Another option is via Cebu Pacific. But still, you need to cross the border or fly from Muscat to Dubai.  In short, with all the flights being shown, for Filipinos going for vacation on July, especially teachers in Oman, flight via Oman Air from Dubai is the cheapest and  the best option.

oman air cebu pacific


Do not carry too much baggage for this type of travel to get rid of hassle. With bag that can be hand carried is highly suggested. Remember, your flight via Fly Dubai and Oman Air are separate bookings and you may pay for baggage transfer from Fly Dubai to  your next airline.

On August 27, when you return, you can just disembark at Muscat airport.   Here’s what you are going to do, upon your check-in,  tell the check-in  staff that you will no longer go to Dubai and your final destination is only Muscat (not Dubai). You may show your Oman labor card for this.  In this way, you can have a check in baggage, it will be released by Oman Air in Muscat. Do not get a boarding pass to Dubai.

By the way, on July 1, are you ready to fly to Dubai and return to Muscat for stopover before going to Philippines? Aren’t you feeling like being fooled by yourself or by Oman Air? Just don’t tell anybody, keep your flight secret. Shsssssssshhh!

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