Flight Meta-Search Engine: A Right Keyword to Search Cheapest flight?

Flight meta-search engine and other related terms, are you one of the hundreds or maybe thousands of travelers who once typed this keyword in Google to find some kind of cheap airline fare for your next air travel? If yes, then I must have to tell you something. This something is really important that you should pay attention to, so that on your next flight, you know exactly what to do. There have been a …

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GCC Dubai Entry Visa: Step by Step Procedure How to Apply Online

How to apply for GCC Dubai Entry Visa Online?   In this article you will have a glimpse on how to do it easily.  If you are an expat from Dubai’s neighboring countries (GCC) who wants to visit Dubai for a specific reason, all you need to do is to apply for Dubai Entry Visa Online for GCC residents. Previously, this E-Visa, which is good for 1 month is available upon entry to any Dubai Border …

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Misibis Bay Rates: Save Almost 6K Pesos 3D/2N Villa Accommodation

Misibis bay rates 7

Misibis Bay Rates? How much does it really cost when staying at Misibis Bay Resort? If you have not been there and you have this kind of question boggling in your head, after reading this article, you will surely arrive into an idea how not to worry with Misibis Bay rates anymore. Before we move into that, let me talk a bit about what Misibis Bay is. For those who have not heard about it, …

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Misibis Bay Resort: The Truth Many People Don’t Know

misibis bay resort

Misibis Bay Resort, known as the “luxury island playground” is a hidden paradise and one of the most luxurious resorts in the Philippines. It is often visited by local celebrities, in which its grandeur and elegance portray what beauty really means that everyone should also witness. Certainly no doubt, for those who have been there, every moment is never meant to be forgotten. The landscape, the ambiance and the whole scenery are designed to fill …

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Manila to Davao Flight Ticket Promo Grab Now

Is there a consistent yet effective way to grab Manila to Davao flight ticket promo? I have been wondering how people in Manila could avail such a huge opportunity to save money when traveling to Davao City. If only available everyday, there will be feast of passengers in NAIA going Davao. Davao City has been known to be one of the most progressive cities in the Philippines, particularly in Mindanao. There were surveys that say, …

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What Really is the Best Affiliate Program for Travel

What  really is the best affiliate program for travel related blogs?  If you still ask this question, I suggest to visit my previous post or just go through this post and read the information from top to bottom. This is a continuation of my previous post that talks about best paying travel affiliate program and how to know it. If you are a travel blogger, knowing this thing is a must to find the right …

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Best Paying Travel Affiliate Program Today

If you are a travel blogger who wants to know what is the best paying travel affiliate program to find products and monetize your website, you and I have something in common. But the fact that you are still doing the search until today, maybe I was little bit ahead in this little journey. In my previous search on which product  I should  promote on my travel related blog,  I found out something worthy to …

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Best Flight Search Website in 2016 and Beyond

Best flight search website has been mentioned many times in this blog because of its contribution to travel industry in terms of searching and booking a flight. In today’s time when internet has been proven to be the best place to do some stuff to save time and effort, many tasks in our real world can also be done in the internet. Even when booking a flight, the best way to do it with ease …

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How Magic Fare by Jetradar Can Help You

Magic Fare by Jetradar

Magic Fare by Jetradar has been an interesting “talk” in travel industry that all travelers should know. This is one of the tested ways to save money on flights. But unfortunately, many people who booked a flight online are not aware about it and they ended up booking a flight with almost empty credit card and wallet. But what is magic fare and how it works? Imagine that you are about to travel next month …

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Unique Jetradar Review – Showing Other Reviews Online

I was once in Google  to search for Jetradar reviews online to know what other people are saying about this flight search engine. I tried to go through each website containing such reviews and checked if what they are saying are in harmony with my own understanding about Jetradar. Though majority of the reviews on the first page of Google are saying positive things, there is one blog discounting Jetradar and pointing out the cons  …

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Teaching Jobs in Oman – Detailed Tips How to Apply and Get Hired

teaching jobs in Oman 2

Teaching jobs in Oman has been around for years and could be one of the  best opportunities anyone in teaching profession should consider to apply.  In Oman, one of the strategies initiated by the government in nation building is to  strengthen their system  of education and encourage young generations to embrace  the importance of “learning” in their own country. The Sultanate of Oman through Ministry of Higher Education and Ministry of Manpower put up Colleges  …

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How Airlines Determine Flight Price

how airlines determine flight prices

How airlines determine flight price and why flight price changes unpredictably? These are some of the questions that sometimes need to be answered. Searching for best flight is always a great struggle if you can’t spot the cheapest right away. But if you know the answer to the above questions, you can certainly do something to play with the airlines. It is time consuming browsing the internet, looking where those cheap flights are hiding. I …

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Cebu Pacific Passengers’ Warning, Read Before You Fly!

Cebu Pacific Warning

Last December 3, 2015, I’ve got a bad experience flying with Cebu Pacific, so I thought of not flying with  this airline again.  If you are an OFW or a frequent traveler, read the whole story for anyone could also be a victim like me. I was in Oman working as a vocational training instructor in one of vocational schools situated in a place where it takes couple of hours to travel by land to …

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Oman Air Flight to Philippines Only 203 OMR (Round-trip)

Oman Air flight to Philippines

Oman Air flight to Philippines has been known to be one of the most expensive flights for OFW’s in Oman. Normally, a round-trip flight to Manila ranges from 325 to 370 OMR if you book months ahead. But if you book on last minute, usually it costs 400 -500 OMR. That’s obviously very expensive. The good thing when flying with Oman Air is that, it saves a lot of time since it has a direct …

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Best Travel Guide: FREE 15 Life-changing e-Books

julhontravels free ebooks

Best travel guide? Life-changing e-Books? What is it?  Why do I need to change my life with those e-books? All I want is to book a flight.  If that is your question, wait!  Let me tell you something. Yes you read it right. In this travel site I’m going to share something that might not relevant to travel that you think, but relevant to our spiritual journey. Should I say spiritual travel? Well I might …

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Book a Flight Online and Get Paid!

get paid by just booking a flight online

Book  a flight online  and get paid? That was exactly what I mean in one of the slides on my presentation page that redirects you here. Are you interested? Let me assume that your answer is “yes.” So, I must tell you how. But before that, let me say something important.  I just want to share the opportunity. If you happened to book  a flight online  and get paid through this website, it means you …

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HotelsCombined or Hotellook?

HotelsCombined and Hotellook are your options if you want to book a hotel. If you choose HotelsCombined, you can compare hotel prices from hundreds of travel sites and hotel booking sites in an instant.  Most of the time, people book a hotel online via Google. This is when someone does not know anything about the best travel site that provides cheap hotel rooms.  When searching for cheapest hotel in one city, you need to enter the …

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Cebu Pacific Booking Online Guide: Read or Say OMG!

Cebu pacific booking

Cebu Pacific booking online when flying to (or leaving) Philippines has been around since years ago. But for many Filipinos, only few are using that facility. I personally talked to  some passengers in one of my previous flights while waiting for departure to Davao. Out of 20, I only got 1. Most of the passengers booked a ticket via local ticketing outlets and travel agencies.  But when it comes to better flight experience, flying with …

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Travel Experience? Sell and Monetize it!

travel experience 4

Travel experience can be your best asset. You can sell it or you can keep it and you can even give it away for free. But if you are a bit business-minded person, let it be your primary product that emanates from your inner being and you don’t need to have any scale to know its weight. How much does it cost to sell your travel experience? Who will buy it? To answer this question, …

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Calendar Widget Works Best on Flight Searches

calendar widget

Calendar widget is one of the best tools to monitor flight prices. Without changing your browser, you can see the specific month and day the cheapest flight is offered. This is good when planning to book a flight in the future. If you have this widget, you just enter you origin and destination. No need to click ‘Search’ button and be redirected to Jetradar’s website. It will only happen if you go to the details …

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